Ansley Park/Sherwood Forest

Ansley Park is one of the most coveted neighborhoods in Atlanta. Located just north of Midtown at 15th Street and west of Piedmont Park, lies an oasis filled with large, wooded parks, flower lined yards, and a mix of lovely historic and new modern homes. You will find wide, winding streets over rolling hills that set the neighborhood apart as a refuge from the hustle and bustle of Peachtree Street.

Map of Ansley Park

In 1905 Edwin P. Ansley began construction of this ambitious project that has survived and flourished through its prime in the 1920’s to its present day maturity. Ansley Park was not spared from the housing shortage during World War II when the bungalows and mansions were transformed into rooming houses. The resurgence began in the 1960s and continues today as Ansley Park maintains an ever changing nature while managing a spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

Many families have lived in Ansley Park for generations, passing down a deep civic mindedness and sense of community. With a desire to fight city encroachment and maintain its parks and small town-feel, the residents formed the Ansley Park Civic Association which acts as the information center for the neighborhood. The active group publishes a quarterly newsletter and organizes holiday events to promote the sense of community that is so evident to anyone visiting or passing through.

Having such an eclectic collection of homes from mansions to condominiums to bungalows to villas only adds to the charm and dynamic of the neighborhood. Many times I have forgone a run n Piedmont Park for the rolling hills, shady sidewalks and “tour of homes” in Ansley Park.

Sherwood Forest neighbors on the south and east of Ansley Park and is often grouped in to Ansley. This area if comparing to Brookwood Hills, is just across the interstate connector. The land lots are very large and often have a flat topography. You will find a mix of new construction, bungalows, as well as modern and traditional sprawling ranch styles. The golf course borders the neighborhood. The average home price is $951,000 for 2012.

Whether you are new to Atlanta or have lived here all your life, Ansley Park and Sherwood Forest neighborhoods are definitely worth a visit.

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