Protecting Your Home from Water Damage

In about 80% of inspections that my buyers or sellers have, there is a water issue that arises to be fixed prior to closing. Most common is wood rot around eves, window frames or lower areas of home siding on hardiplank, cedar or LP siding homes.  Other times, it can be more pricey and include areas like basements, foundations, roofs and interiors.

There are some key steps that you can take to protect your home from water damage. Below, I have listed a few of ways to help ‘seal’ your home from menacing water damage. This will insure proper aesthetics, sometimes even protect your air quality and definitely save you from a costly bill down the road.

ITEM #1:  Blocking Water from Entry Points:  1)Replace any damaged or missing roofing shingles (curling or cupping shingles are included on the ‘to do’ list)  2) Assure you have all needed gutters and downspouts (making sure they are cleaned regularly, have proper pitch and are not too narrow) 3) Assure all windows and doors have proper paint/glazing and/or caulk.

ITEM #2: Smart Redirection of Water 1) Sump pumps added to collect any water and send it out (clean periodically so silt does not settle)  2) French drains around the perimeter of your house (can be directed to the sump pump if no other extraction route) 3) Keeping your furnace elevated so it cannot/doe not flood

If Water Does Come In, Do the Right Steps – Waiting to fix water damage only causes more damage and can create mold/bacteria 1) Turn off your pipes immediately. You and your spouse should know where your water shut off valve is. If it happens at 1am, you most likely will not get a hold of your realtor, inspector or plumber.  More important than anything, get everyone and all pets out at the time of the problem.

If you ever end up with a high amount of water damage, I recommend in Georgia, calling Servpro to remediate the problem area properly. They are not the cheapest but, do not mess with water damage and a ‘do it yourself program. If you need them, Servpro-