Do Brookhaven, Dunwoody or Sandy Springs Dekalb County Areas Require Low Flow Plumbing?

This is an oh so common question that I get from homeowners, home buyers and agents on the other side of a transaction.  DeKalb County a few years back (Jan 2009) required that all homes in DeKalb County have a low flow plumbing certification signed off on before they would transfer or start the water for a new homeowner.

Listing agents in Dekalb should add a notice of this ordinance to the seller’s disclosure and/or sales contract. Before the new homeowner can obtain water service, they must provide written proof from a home inspector, licensed plumber, or a Department of Watershed Inspector. This certificate will be required with their application for water service.

The necessary certification of compliance for the DeKalb County Low Flow and Exemption Form can be found and downloaded here:

Guidelines are: Single family homes and condos must meet the following: 1. Toilets that use max 1.6 gallons per flush 2. Shower heads max of 2.5 gallons per minute 3. Lavatory faucets max of 2 gallons per minute 4. Kitchen faucets output of max of 2.2 gallons per minute

Below are some exemptions to the ordinance:
1. Foreclosure sale of home
2. Family sales (spouse to spouse or parents to children)
3. Homes that will be demolished after the sale
4. Circumstances where the cost of replacement would be over $1,000.00 per toilet

It’s tricky to know which toilets to change to so to be sure, here is a list of a few that are a-ok: