Why Choose Us

Trust.  Experience.  Results.

Above all, I truly care.  When having someone help you with such a financial and emotional investment as your home, at the most simple level, you want to hire someone whom cares.  You want to know that your best interest is always taken into account throughout the process from start to finish. It is important to have the best marketing possible to know you are getting the absolute highest price possible for your home.  You want to have proper feedback on your showings and know your agent is always following up properly.  You want an agent that will sweep your porch after a storm or walk your dog if you are stuck at work- most times, it is the simple things that have the most impact.
Prior to coming to Atlanta Fine Homes five years ago, I was with Keller Williams Realty. I was known in Keller Williams as jokingly ‘the nicest person in real estate’.  When they would have a few of us on a panel to teach new agents, this was always how the broker introduced me and explained as to why I have succeeded.  I taught newer agents with Keller Williams for the ten years that I was with them.  I always ended each class with an emphasis on how important it is to wake up every day and think about everyone you are helping and say to yourself “If I were them, what would I want done for me today?”- and then do it.


Experience is what we all want in life.  We want to go into something knowing we have made the proper choices to assure whatever we are doing, we are doing it to the best of our ability. The same way you feel this about making the right choice in your realtor, I feel this about making sure your process is both seamless and enjoyable.  Selling your home or buying your home should be a time of excitement, not stress. It is my job to assure that you feel this way.


Results covers a broad umbrella as in 15 years of real estate, I have tweaked my process and my team to be sure that my clients have the best possible results on both the buying and selling side.

I will begin with the most overlooked but most important part of results- agent to agent relationships.  When selling your home, 89% of the time another agent than yours brings the buyer to your home.  This number is huge and shows the importance of your agent being fully connected in the realtor community.  This does not happen overnight.  With each area of town that I am working, I have strong relationships that have been developed in 15 years of helping one another.  When other realtors are making their calls to show homes and see that I am the listing agent, they often call me to show your home and get more information to ‘sell it’ as well as say that they hope their client picks your home as they know the process with be both enjoyable and smooth.  On the other side, when buying a home, I spend the extra time calling these agents in each area to see about any upcoming listings or past clients whom may want to sell. For every client, I review any old listings that may not have sold years back and could be a possible fit.  I am the only agent that I know of that if my clients like a specific community, I will spend hundreds of dollars sending oversized postcards to each homeowner in that community,  looking for someone whom may want to sell.  I assure that you do not miss out on a great house as the good ones go in a day or often sell off market. This intercommunication is one of the many reasons that I joined Atlanta Fine Homes as we are the #1 office in volume in North Atlanta. Each week, I have word of new upcoming listings and the ever changing market conditions and commercial/residential growth in each area. In doing all of the above, I know my clients have not missed any possible opportunity in the marketplace. I also know that my clients have not ever ‘settled’ when they find the right home.

I, therefore you, have a full time marketing staff. This is important on the buying side for a few reasons but much more important on the selling side.  The main reason on the buying side is that this gives me more free time to help you and less time in the details with my listings. For the listing side, this is immense. In-house, I have a full time listing coordinator whom assures your exposure online and in the realtor listing systems has all of the proper information as well as lifestyle photos and video tours.  We both then know that your home shows the best that it can online as almost every showing starts online.
I have a full time marketing coordinator whom works with our listing coordinator to be sure that whatever is placed online, print or in your home is perfect.  Not only does your home need to be properly marketed with home photos but often drone video/aerials are needed or amenities and community shots.  What sells your home? Is it gated, swim/tennis, walkable to shops, a lake, river, trail, etc? Is the school systems top where this needs a photo and remarks? Is the topography a selling point? Of course, everyone wants the home itself to look great but the amenities and area attractions/location are often overlooked as realtors do not pay attention to this or want to spend the extra to properly market these aspects. With the amount of relocation into Metro Atlanta, these items are all extremely important to properly market.  We also pay the additional cost of having whom we feel is the best residential real estate photographer in the city.  He spends hours shooting your home as a work of art with the proper lens and angles as well as knows the emotional photos to get like a twilight shot, tripod shot or up close of a gas light or custom tile work.  We also offer staging consultations for every listing.  1 out of every 10 homes does not need this consult but most need some form of help with declutter, a paint update here or there, furniture reconfiguration or adding of a few key accessories to assure the home shows perfectly.  Many times, I will take over a listing of another agent that has been sitting on the market.  This is one of my favorite things to do as often, the owners are exhausted and the home just needs to be slightly tweaked.  With the help of my stager and/or designer, and marketing team, we spend days or sometimes even weeks, getting the home right to sell.  We then relist it and almost always, it sells within days or a 2-3 weeks and we are all into the champagne 🙂 If this is your scenario, we welcome you to talk with one of our past clients on their experience with this very thing.

One last item in the area of results is the ‘friend or family’ talk that I often have with people whom are looking to buy or sell a home. Everyone has a friend or family member  in real estate and especially now with the market back up and everyone jumping into the business or back into the business.  On a $500,000 home, the proper marketing could make you an extra $20-30k on your home so improper marketing, therefore could cost you $20-30k on your home.  For a $1,500,000 home, the proper marketing could make you an extra $50-200k on your home, therefore could cost you $50-200k  on your home. I always say then you must like this friend or family member enough to write them a $20-200k check, as that is essentially what you would be doing if they do not have the best possible marketing and agent relationship position in your area and for your home.

All of these items above are important to think about in the process but, they are all covered in the first statement in that above all, I care.